Friday, April 9, 2010

The Lost Cause

I don't know if there are any fresh perspectives left regarding the Civil War, the South, and the resurgence of "Confederate History Month" in Virginia. However, Steve Tuttle's article in Newsweek offers the perspective of a true Southerner whose heritage conflicts with Governor McDonnell's proclamation which he Tuttle sees as a step backwards for all Virginians:

"Don't get me wrong—I'm proud of my ancestors, and if I had been a Virginian in the 1860s, I would have no doubt been fighting for the South. It's ridiculous to say otherwise. But guess what? It's not the 1860s, and I'd like to think we've all—even Southerners—evolved a little in the last 150 years or so. And guess what again? The South lost. It's true. I looked it up, remember? And the reasons for the war weren't "noble and fine and honorable," like I thought they were when I was a little boy worshiping false idols and ogling a dead horse.
Imagine if your governor signed a document honoring a cause whose goal was to keep your ancestors enslaved. And please don't start up with me about how the Civil War was about states' rights, not slavery. Sure, it was about states' rights—to own slaves."

Excellent cartoon from Nate Beeler:

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