Friday, April 30, 2010

Real Florida Orange

After months of speculating and waiting, Gov. Charlie Crist has finally quit the GOP and announced he's running for Senate as an independent. He could win, but I think he'll fade fast in the polls as his fundraising dries up and Meek starts advertising (here's one look at a best case scenario for Charlie, but it's not that encouraging). Some might ask, "Why not just retire and just lay out on one of those beautiful Florida beaches, Charlie?" That answer is obvious. Thus, in his honor, let's celebrate Tallahassee's favorite Hawaiian Tropic model:

Before she started publicly hitting on Rubio, Palin did cozy up to Charlie during her half-term as fellow governor:

"Charlie, let me give you the number for the tanning bed installer we used for the governor's mansion up in Alaska. They give a fair deal for us regular, real-American folks!"

For more on politicians who give the Jersey Shore cast a run for their money, check out this slideshow. There's also my cartoon on the tanning tax that hits the "GTL" crowd where it hurts.

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